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That the electrical consumption of your inyectora or sopladora, does not finish with your utilities, and renews applying our system OPTIMIZA that consists of the installation mainly of Variadores of Speed ​​(VSD, by its abbreviations in English Variable Speed ​​Drive).

What does it consist of:
Change engine (s) and pump (s), by one or several SERVO-PUMPS.
In some cases change the control system of the machine.
-Decrease in electricity consumption.
 Up to 60% vs Traditional system with fixed flow pumps.
 Up to 40% vs Traditional system with variable flow pumps
-Low the heating of the hydraulic oil between 5 and 10 ºC
-Reduce up to half the hydraulic oil required.
Products to install:
Servo-pumps and controllers: DELTA or Techmation
PLC: Siemens S7-1200
HMI: Advantech


When to use the system

  • Machines with fixed flow pumps.
  • Old machines
  • Machines with long cooling times and operator times.



  • Decrease in electricity consumption.
  • Releases power from the substation.
  • Reduces the heating of the hydraulic oil.
  • Decreases the tower water requirement.
  • Efficient installation (no more than 5 days of stoppage).
  • It is possible to install it in any molding machine by injection or blow with hydraulic power unit regardless of the technology or control system.
  • Increase your profitability in machines of 250 Ton or more.