Controles iny ing



COROS presents its advanced, modern and sophisticated controls for the injectors and blow molding machines: it has four different modalities to adapt to the requirements that the client wishes.


-Click, Siemens S7-1200, Allen Bradley Compact Logix, or B&R PLCs.
-5, 7, 10 or 15 Inches full color touchpanel. Easy to use and interpretate.
-PID temperature control with high/low alarms.
-Alarm system.
-Proportional and servo valve controllers.
-Control accepts position and pressure transducers.
-Injection closed loop pressure control.
-Control displays injection pressure and backpressure’s graphs.
-English and Spanish screens.

-AC/DC SSR’s solenoids outputs with fuse.

-Three password access’s levels.
-Metric and English system sets.
-Multiple hydraulic ejector’s stroke.
-Core Pull, Robot interface, Air eject.
-Hot runners, Valve Gates and other many options.
-Mold set store.
-Sensors and valves monitoring on screen (I/O’s display).
-Screen capture’s USB port.
-Automatic Lubrication System Controller.

Important: Some control´s features or characteristics can vary due devices and mechanism the machine has installed.