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Automatización y Modernización de Inyectoras

Retrofit control for injection molding machines


Give new life to your Injection Molding Machine with our own advanced Control Systemfor the different needs and requirements of the machine

More than 350 retrofits in 11 countries



-Click, Siemens S7-1200, Allen Bradley Compact Logix, or B&R PLCs.
-5, 7, 10 or 15 Inches full color touchpanel. Easy to use and interpretate.
-PID temperature control with high/low alarms.
-Alarm system.
-Proportional and servo valve controllers.
-Control accepts position and pressure transducers.
-Injection closed loop pressure control.
-Control displays injection pressure and backpressure’s graphs.
-English and Spanish screens.
-AC/DC SSR’s solenoids outputs with fuse.
-Three password access’s levels.
-Metric and English system sets.
-Multiple hydraulic ejector’s stroke.
-Core Pull, Robot interface, Air eject.
-Hot runners, Valve Gates and other many options.
-Mold set store.
-Sensors and valves monitoring on screen (I/O’s display).
-Screen capture’s USB port.
-Automatic Lubrication System Controller.

Important: Some control´s features or characteristics can vary due devices and mechanism the machine has installed.