cobot ingles

New advanced robot control system.


Up to 45 programmable steps, executing the movements and times desired by the user.

Which parts of your equipment can we re-use, in order to offer a great price?

Servomotors, Valves, Wiring and Robot Components.

What is changed?

Control Panel, Pendant, Servodrives, Protections, Power Source, Original robot control and Panels components.

Features (COBOT):

  • Siemens S7-1200: (22 Digital Inputs + 18 Digital Outputs).
  • Touch Screen Delta
  • 7 Inches.
  • Color.
  • Movable with 5m lenght.
  • Stop Button interated in panel.
  • Movement confirmation buttons.
  • Self supporting Nema 12 cabinet.
  • Control Technics Servodrives (can be used in almost any motor or servomotor).
  • Injection and Robot Interface (Euromap 12 or SPI).
  • 2 Inputs + 2 Auxiliar programable Digital Output.
  • 20 Mold Sets.
  • Neumatic movement control.
  • 2 vaccum outputs.
  • Sound Alarm.